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What's the cost of downtime to your business?

Downtime is one of the most crippling problems that a company can have. So if there's something you can do that will help prevent downtime, doesn't it make good business sense to do it?

BCM's Maintenance Services will come to your office and thoroughly clean your computers and printers (both physically and virtually) to minimize the probability of downtime. Our maintenance service includes:

  • physical cleaning of computers and printers, both inside and outside
  • anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware scans and cleaning of offensive software
  • network security scans and patching of any problems
  • all applicable updates
  • examination of error logs
  • general clean up of data on hard drives, integrity scans, defragmentation, etc.
  • check for available disk space
  • check for and replace any noisy fans

Dust. Viruses. Unpatched software. Improper network security.
These are the silent killers that can take down your company.

Though it seems harmless, dust is one of the greatest enemies of computer equipment. Dust clogs fans and vents, causing a lack of airflow which in turn cranks up the heat. Computers that overheat will eventually burn out, often taking other equipment with it.

The media always makes a big deal about viruses, and with good reason. Viruses can infect your computer and immediately start destroying your data, often making data recovery impossible. Protection against these little bugs, as well as other hazards such as trojans and worms, is imperative.

For as little as $50 per computer, BCM Computer Technologies will come to your office and give you the protection and peace of mind that you need.

One-Time Maintenance Servicing $75.00 per computer/printer
plus GST & PST
Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Servicing
Scheduled Annually $70.00 per computer/printer
plus GST & PST
Scheduled Semi-Annually (Every 6 Months) $60.00 per computer/printer
plus GST & PST
Scheduled Quarterly (Every 3 Months) $50.00 per computer/printer
plus GST & PST

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