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BCM Server Monitoring System

You should know your server goes down before your clients do.

Many companies have fallen victim to their clients notifying them of server outages. It looks unprofessional, it's embarrassing, and many times, it's hard to recover face once you've been caught. There are many reasons you might experience an outage - some hardware may have failed, software may have crashed, Internet might be down - but no matter what, it's important that you know about the problem before your clients do.

Some problems can even be detected before they happen. Low memory or disk space, your Internet domain coming up for renewal, UPS batteries not holding a charge, hard drives developing problems... these seeds can grow into big problems if left unchecked. However, with the BCM Server Monitoring System, you will be notified as soon as something starts happening.

The BCM Monitoring System basic package watches the following services and equipment:

Windows™ Servers
Active Directory
Automatic Service Monitoring
Event Logs
Microsoft™ Exchange™
Windows™ Explorer Process
Remote Desktop

Linux/Unix™ Servers
Swap Usage
Total Processes
Total Users
OS Updates
Antivirus Software

Network & Internet Services
Hardware-Related Services
CPU Load
Hard Drive Free Space
Memory Usage
S.M.A.R.T. Disk Health
UPS Battery Backups

Domain Expiry
Network Printers
Network Switches & Routers

Some restrictions apply: Hardware and/or software must support retrieval of pertinent information to be able to provide reports. Not all hardware/software allows for this.

Microsoft, Windows and Exchange are registered trademarks of Microsoft.

This list represents the most common applications and services that clients might wish to monitor. If you have an application that requires monitoring but is not on this list, please contact us. Our library of monitoring addons is extensive and may contain a monitoring solution for your application. In the event that no such addon exists, BCM can (in most cases) develop a custom solution for you. Keep reading.

You're not left out in the cold if you have custom applications.

Sometimes, companies have shelled out thousands of dollars for a custom application that they would like monitored. BCM's development team are, in most cases, able to develop custom monitoring addons that keep an eye on your custom application. Addon development is affordable and can provide peace of mind at a reasonable price.

Best of all, it's affordable.

Server & Network Device Monitoring
First Device: $39.95/mo
Each Additional Device: $29.95/mo

Our basic monitoring package includes monitoring the services listed above. Not all services will apply to all servers. A free consultation meeting will be scheduled to determine your monitoring needs, at your place of business.

Clients will also be given access to the BCM Monitoring Centre, where the current status as well as past history broken down by device and service can be viewed.

Notification of status changes can be configured for up to three individuals (more available upon request for a nominal fee). Options for recieving notifications include email, MSN, GTalk, AOL Instant Messenger, and SMS (via email to your cell phone or pager).

The first device (server, printer, network switch, etc) to be monitored will be billed at a rate of $39.95 per month, and each additional device will be billed at a discounted rate of $29.95 per month.

A setup fee will apply. The basic setup fee is $99, but advanced setups may incur a higher setup fee. The fee will be discussed at your first consultation meeting.

The recommended installation requires the use of a VPN router (router and VPN setup sold separately). In the absence of a VPN router, the ability to monitor services and applications on internal networks may be compromised.

Custom Monitoring Addons
starting at $49.95

Development of a custom monitoring addon is billed based on the length of time required to develop the addon. Most addons fall into the $49.95 range. However, if the ability to write an addon for your application is not possible or estimated to be cost ineffective, no charge will be applied.

For more information, please download our BCM Server Monitoring System brochure.

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